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WECARE - Turnover Nursing Pad

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Caregivers are gonna love this!

Taking care of a patient? We understand that changing your patient's body posture while ensuring a healthy recovery poses a challenge for you. We understand that your job is difficult, but are you aware that inappropriate patient handling puts your patient at risk? (causing them bedsores, body aches and more)

The Turnover Nursing Pad from Wecare is created to make caring for your patient more worry-free and simple than ever before. It relieves family members and caretakers of their tasks.


The Turnover Nursing Pad from Wecare allows you to quickly alter your patient's body position. Not only will you be giving more comfort to your patient, but your work as a caregiver will be less strenuous.
The innovative design of Wecare's Turnover Nursing Pad is ideal for reducing bedsores, bed exercises, and muscular atrophy in your loved ones.


Wecare's Turnover Nursing Pad may seem complex in design, but it’s really super easy to use. Simply insert the pad between your patient’s legs, embed their legs, and simply turn them over. The pad has 2 grip handles at each end, which enables you to pull and turnover your patients with ease. It’s also the perfect pad for bed exercise that can keeps your loved one active.



The Wecare's Turnover Nursing Pad is high quality, ergonomically constructed and guarantees your beloved nothing but the best. The surface layer is comprised of ecofriendly PU leather material that protects the legs from being abrasive, while the inner is a long-term injection sponge. The softness of the pad encourages good blood circulation and reduces swelling, discomfort and tiredness in the foot (especially for the elderly)



Patients with obesity
Anesthesia in general
Engine physical dysfunction
Spinal operation
Other cognitive impairment
Or any patient who needs assistance in turning on the bed

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