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Wireless Guitar Amplifier

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Free the Wires! Never feel restricted again by using a cable attachment to play your guitar. It's as easy to use as your standard guitar cable. Simply plug the transmitter into your instrument and the receiver into a pedal or amp. Thats it.

Best of all, you don't have to sacrifice tone when you use the device. Yielding the same sound you expect from a quality cable, this revolutionary wireless amplifier is setting a new standard. Experience ultimate freedom which sets you playing loose by removing all cables and cords.


PLUG AND PLAY - No setup is necessary when using this device. Engineered using lightweight molded casing, this is reliable for any musician that is performing for any size audience. The tone from your guitar is sent instantly to your amplifier, pedal-board, or any other studio gear.


The Transmitter and Receiver can operate up to 30 meters in range at 2.5G. Crystal clear broadcasting you asked for. Got it.


You no longer need to sacrifice the quality of your audio for a wireless system. The tone of your guitar is reproduced with exact precision with our device. You’ll hear the guitar tone in fantastic detail, so you can concentrate on your performance with no sound delay!


Easily adjust your device to whatever is most comfortable for you. It’s very adaptable to whatever your play style is.


Our device allows you to play for up to 8 hours of consistent use and up to 200 hours of rest time.


This device is perfect for large audiences, performing at parties, and practicing in your home.

"This is the easiest way to free yourself from cable tripping! It is quick and reliable!" - Michael.

Q: Would two sets of these work for: a guitar > pedal board > amp? To make a fully wireless rig?
A: Yep, this will work. You can put a pair of these anywhere you would use a signal cable.

Q: Battery life?
A: 8 hours play time, 200 hours rest time.

Q: Are there loss of sound quality going from cables to this wireless transmitter?
A: No, the tone is exactly what you would expect from a premium cable.

Q: What's the wireless receiver range?
A: Up to 30 meters.

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