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A perfect solution for making your cat feels safe and provide them with a deep sleep even when just arrived in a new home.

It’s all part of your feline friend’s instinctive behavior, they keep hiding everywhere especially in limited spaces like a box or soft space like beds and closet.

The banana bed is built for creating a cozy place by surrounding them completely (like a box) and for keeping them comfortable in a soft spot (like a bed) thanks to its soft plush outer and its spongy inner cushion. 🥰

Its cover will also create a dark enough space to stop them from hiding everywhere and provide them with a soft bed to stay on a daily basis.
It comes in four different sizes to fit everyone.🐾

Size chart:
Size: (L)X(W)X(H)
S: 40x15x11cm/18″x6.3″x4.3″(appr.) For Pets ≤1.5kg/≤ 3.30 lbs
M: 55x20x15cm/21.6″x7.8″x6″(appr.) For Pets ≤3kg/≤ 6.70 lbs
L: 65x25x18cm/25.6″x10″x7″(appr.) For Pets ≤5kg/≤ 11.00 lbs
XL: 90x30x20cm/35.5″x12″x8″(appr.) For Pets ≤10kg/≤ 22.10 lbs


The greatest relaxation being experienced by your cats.

Thanks to the form and the darkness of the closed banana, they will sleep indoors delightfully.

Everywhere in the home they cease hiding.

Cats are highly susceptible to their environment, and when they feel uncomfortable, the banana bed offers protection.

They return to the bed and will not be afraid or afraid on their way or into a new house.

When necessary, the bed will keep them cool and toasty in the winter.


Tight space is loved by animals since it helps them feel safe and comfortable. It is vital to provide our animals a secure place to relax when necessary, this bed is precisely created for that owing to its embracing form.

The banana bed features a little Velcro to keep the banana open while your little friends are inside.

It may be closed and keeps the good airflow inside so that your animals remain secure and comfortable to give the finest experience for your animals.

Even when you go to provide your dogs everywhere, it is easy to wash and take about.


This product is ideal for cats, even dogs (until 10 kg), hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and any animal who wants a comfy place to be because it's available in several sizes.

If your little pet love hiding and cuddling in cozy little places, if they are feeling alone or they simply love to have their own soft place, this is perfect for them.

It's been designed to be washable easily and to be carried everywhere to guaranteed a private spot for your friend everywhere you go.


Question: Is it easy to fold the material on this item into a packing ? 
Response: Hello, naturally! There's a soft sponge inside the material. There's no issue putting it in your baggage. It has been designed to move effortlessly

Question: How does the cover of the banana bed work?
Answer: There is a Velcro on the other side. If you want the bed open, you can stick the cover at the Velcro. If you want to ensure your pet sleeps you can cover the banana bed and the pet will also find it easy to come out when ready.

Question: Is the banana bed washable?
Answer: Yes. We suggest putting it in the washing machine with a gentle cycle.



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